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While less common than male-pattern baldness, female hair loss is still a major concern for many women. It is a condition that results in the thinning of hair follicles and the loss of strands due to a number of factors. For effective treatment of female hair loss, Danville patients can contact Dr. Stephen Ronan at Blackhawk Hair Restoration.

Female Hair Loss Signs and Symptoms

There are early signs of female hair loss that patients can watch out for in order to take immediate action to address the problem. The first among these is the substantial falling out of hair strands. This can be observed when combing, when passing fingers through the hair, or even when looking at one’s bed after waking up. Another sign would be the slow but gradual thinning of the amount of hair that the patient has. Follicles naturally produce fewer and fewer strands of hair due to the normal aging process. In more advanced cases of female hair loss, patients exhibit balding patches in certain areas of their scalp. These are typically a sign of more severe health issues that must be addressed right away.

Your Female Hair Loss treatment will be performed in Blackhawk Hair Restoration‘s surgery center located in Danville.

Who is at Risk of Developing Female Hair Loss?

Female hair loss is commonly attributed to genetic factors or aging. Some women are simply genetically predisposed to have thinner hair and are more prone to producing fewer strands as they grow older.

Patients who are entering their middle-age years become more prone to hair loss, as well. This can be mitigated by a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Diagnosing Female Hair Loss

There are a few ways to discover if patients are experiencing female hair loss. A blood test can uncover any medical conditions that are causing to the loss of hair strands, the thinning of hair, or dermatological issues that are affecting follicles.

A simple method involves female patients simply gently pulling at their hair to see if they come away with a significant number of strands. A scalp biopsy can also reveal problems when follicles are examined under microscopes. Finally, light microscopy can be used to examine hair shafts to discover problems in growing new hair.

Female Hair Loss Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options available to patients who are suffering from female hair loss. Hair transplantation with ARTAS or NeoGraft can be a viable option. During these procedures, healthy follicles are harvested from certain areas of the scalp. These are then transplanted to spots where the hair is beginning to thin.

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