What Causes Hair Loss?

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Hair loss is a common condition characterized by the gradual thinning of hair or the outright formation of bald spots. This condition can occur due to a number of medical factors and is more prevalent among the male population due to male-pattern baldness. A consultation with Dr. Stephen Ronan will provide more clarification regarding hair loss in Danville.

Signs of Hair Loss

Watching out for the common signs and symptoms of hair loss can help patients slow the process down. This will then allow them to find a solution in the form of treatments or medical advice.

The most common sign of hair loss is the gradual thinning of the hair as patients age. The aging process causes the follicles to no longer produce the same number of hair strands as they did before.

Another sign to watch out for is when patients are losing more hair strands than they should when combing their hair. Strands get caught in the teeth of combs or hairbrushes all the time, but they should not be entire clumps.

The most worrisome sign of hair loss is the formation of circular bald spots on the head. These can start on several parts of the scalp and can be caused by either aging or health issues.

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Excessive Hair Loss


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Thinning of Hair

Who Is at Risk of Developing Hair Loss?

Male patients are more prone to developing hair loss as they age. This could be due to genetic factors or simply as a part of growing older. However, there are also cases where hair loss is due to a number of medical factors.

A considerable amount of stress can lead to premature hair loss, which could be due to everyday pressure or a traumatic event. Certain diseases can also result in hair loss, as can exposure to harsh chemicals. Patients who lead unhealthy lifestyles may also experience hair loss.

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Diagnosing Hair Loss

Patients can find out if they are vulnerable to hair loss through certain tests and procedures during a consultation with Dr. Ronan. A blood test can confirm if the patient is suffering from a medical condition that could lead to hair loss.

For those who are worried that their hair loss may require treatment, simple gentle hair pulling will show how many hair strands are falling away or are too easily removed. Patients can also undergo a scalp biopsy or light microscopy to find out if there are issues with their hair follicles.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Patients who are suffering from hair loss can turn to both surgical and non-surgical treatments to address the problem. The former can include ARTAS or NeoGraft hair transplantation, which are processes that involve removing healthy follicles from one part of the head and then planting them in the balding spots..

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When Will I See Results?

After a NeoGraft procedure, some transplanted follicles will fall out. Shedding of the hair shaft is a typical occurrence, but there is nothing to worry about, because the healthy transplanted follicles facilitate the growth of new hair.
Apparent hair growth will be noticed after 3 to 4 months. The overall result of the NeoGraft procedure will be visible after 6 to 12 months. Because the donor areas are known to resist baldness, the transplanted follicles are expected to keep on growing for many years to come.

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