Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

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Stop hair loss in its tracks with non-surgical hair loss treatments in the Bay Area. Along with surgical hair transplant procedures, Blackhawk Hair Restoration also provide non-invasive options for treatment of hair loss in men and women (male- and female-pattern baldness). Our supplements and serums can effectively help restore your hair.

What Are Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments?

Stress, genetics, metabolism, hormonal imbalance, and diet are factors that can lead to hair loss. Many of these factors can be addressed with the help of Nutrafol.

Hair-growth and scalp-support supplements like Nutrafol have gained popularity among sufferers of hair loss. While there are medications available to combat hair thinning and baldness, Nutrafol is an all-natural drug-free alternative that many patients prefer.

Nutrafol contains natural ingredients like curcumin, kelp, saw palmetto, resveratrol, ashwagandha, and horsetail. These ingredients work to address many of the root causes of hair loss. They help to reduce stress hormones, neutralize free radicals, and enhance metabolism.

As a result, hair grows thicker and at an enhanced rate, and scalp coverage is improved. Results can typically be seen in around three to six months.

At Blackhawk Hair Restoration, a 1-month or 3-month supply of Nutrafol is available in the following varieties:

• Nutrafol Women
• Nutrafol Postpartum
• Nutrafol Men

Your Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments procedure will be performed in Blackhawk Hair Restoration's surgery center located in Danville.

Is Nutrafol Right for Me?

Nutrafol is perfect for patients suffering from mild to moderate hair loss due to heredity or lifestyle factors. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer to avoid medications in favor of a drug-free alternative treatment option. Patients who want to avoid surgical hair transplants are ideal candidates for Nutrafol.

Women ages 18 to 44 who are losing hair may be recommended to take Nutrafol Women.

Women who have given birth in the past year and suffer from hair thinning are ideal candidates for Nutrafol Postpartum. It is completely safe for breastfeeding women.

Men ages 18 and up who are starting to notice thinning hair or male-pattern baldness may be excellent candidates for Nutrafol Men.

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Female patient during consultation about her hair loss treatment

Your Consultation

During a consultation, you will go over your hair-regrowth goals. To determine if Nutrafol is right for you, a physical examination of your scalp will be performed to evaluate hair volume and thickness. A review of your medical history will be undertaken to assess any potential risk factors.

A personalized treatment plan will then be created to address your hair loss. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Nutrafol treatment process.

Use and Dosage

The proper dosage for Nutrafol is two capsules a day. It can complement postnatal vitamins but may have contraindications with other supplements and medications. It is highly recommended to speak with your primary care doctor before beginning a new supplement regimen.

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How Much Does Nutrafol Cost?

The cost of Nutrafol products varies depending on the type of Nutrafol purchased. The overall price will also depend on whether the patient is purchasing a one-month supply or a three-month supply.

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Regain your hair with non-surgical hair loss treatments in the Bay Area. Learn more about the benefits and the science of Nutrafol—contact Blackhawk Hair Restoration to schedule a consultation and start your hair-restoration journey.

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